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AussieCoin Collaboration with Marketplaces

Strengthening Marketplaces: AussieCoin collaborates with various marketplaces to enhance customer experiences and boost sales. By integrating AussieCoin as a payment option, marketplaces can offer a flexible and attractive payment method.

Exclusive Discounts: Customers can use AussieCoins to receive up to 40% discounts on products and services. For example, a $100 item can be purchased with 70 AUD and 30 AussieCoins, making it more affordable and appealing.

Driving Engagement: This collaboration incentivizes customers to earn and spend AussieCoins, driving engagement and loyalty within the marketplace.

Additional Revenue Stream: Marketplaces can sell AussieCoins, creating an additional revenue stream while fostering customer loyalty.

Example Scenario: A customer earns AussieCoins through purchases and can later use these coins to buy products at a discounted rate, enhancing their shopping experience while boosting marketplace sales.

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