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Introduction: AussieCoin is proud to announce its collaboration with three leading marketplaces to enhance customer experiences and engagement through our unique loyalty system. Additionally, we are promoting these collaborations through engaging trivia nights in various categories.


  1. Health Products Marketplace:
    • Platform:
    • Description: This marketplace offers a wide range of health products. Customers can earn and spend AussieCoins to receive up to 40% discounts, making health and wellness more accessible and affordable.
    • Benefits:
      • Significant savings on health products.
      • Exclusive deals for AussieCoin users.
      • Access to a variety of health-focused items.

  2. Sports Products Marketplace:
    • Platform:
    • Description: Dedicated to sports enthusiasts, this marketplace provides various sports products. By using AussieCoins, customers can enjoy substantial discounts and exclusive offers.
    • Benefits:
      • Attractive discounts on sports merchandise.
      • Enhanced fan engagement through rewards.
      • A broad selection of sports-related products.

  3. Greek Products Marketplace:
    • Platform:
    • Description: Celebrating Greek culture, this marketplace features a variety of Greek products. AussieCoin users can benefit from discounts, making it easier to purchase and enjoy Greek goods.
    • Benefits:
      • Cultural connection with Greek heritage.
      • Special pricing for AussieCoin users.
      • Increased sales and reach for Greek products.

Trivia Nights and Competitions:

  1. Health Trivia Nights:
    • Focus: Promote health and wellness through engaging trivia contests.
    • Platform:
    • Rewards: Participants earn AussieCoins to spend on health products.
    • Benefits:
      • Increase health awareness and knowledge.
      • Reward participants with valuable AussieCoins.
      • Encourage healthy living and active participation.

  2. Soccer Trivia Nights:
    • Focus: Enhance fan engagement with soccer-themed trivia.
    • Platform:
    • Rewards: Participants earn AussieCoins to spend on sports products.
    • Benefits:
      • Foster a community of soccer enthusiasts.
      • Reward fans with exclusive AussieCoins.
      • Enhance fan interaction and loyalty.

  3. Greek Trivia Nights:
    • Focus: Celebrate Greek culture with trivia on history, mythology, and cuisine.
    • Platform:
    • Rewards: Participants earn AussieCoins to spend on Greek products.
    • Benefits:
      • Promote Greek heritage and culture.
      • Offer attractive prizes to participants.
      • Increase cultural awareness and engagement.

AussieCoin Presale:

For a limited period of six months, AussieCoin will be available at a discounted presale price, offering an excellent opportunity for early adopters to benefit from the AussieCoin ecosystem.

AussieCoin and Real Estate:

In the future, all loyalty points earned through AussieCoin will be convertible to Australian land and properties via 999 Real Estate Tokenization, available at

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