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How AussieCoin Can Benefit Charities and Non-Profits

Enhance Donor Engagement:

  • Loyalty Programs: Charities and non-profits can purchase AussieCoins and reward donors for their contributions, volunteer work, and referrals, fostering a sense of community and continuous support.

Flexible Donation Options:

  • Payment Flexibility: Donors can use AussieCoins alongside AUD for donations, making it easier and more appealing to contribute. For example, a $100 donation can be made with 70 AUD and 30 AussieCoins.

Exclusive Marketplace:

  • Discounted Products and Services: Donors can access the AussieCoin Marketplace, enjoying up to 40% discounts on various products and services, encouraging the use of AussieCoins.

Additional Revenue Stream:

  • Selling AussieCoins: Charities can sell AussieCoins to supporters, creating an additional revenue stream while enhancing donor loyalty.

Donor Engagement:

  • Special Campaigns and Events: Offer exclusive access to events and special campaigns for donors paying with AussieCoins, encouraging higher participation and continuous support.

Example Scenario: A donor earns AussieCoins by contributing to a non-profit and can later use these coins to make a $100 donation with 70 AUD and 30 AussieCoins, enhancing their giving experience while increasing the non-profit’s funding.

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